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Arena Watering

‘An essential tool to jeep your sand school moist and compact’

this machine rewinds the hose whilst irrigating. It works with a variable inlet pressure from the 1″5 bar )will work on most water pressures). The rewinding speed is adjustable in order to distribute the right quanitity of water on the Arena. The machine can also be easily used in the paddock.

  • Offers reliable and cost effective irrigation
  • Spreads a 20m width and 40-60m lengfth
  • Operates from Mains Water Pressure (from 1.5 bar)
  • Low pressure piston drive
  • Low maintenance drive mechanism
  • Variable rewind speeds
  • Part circle sprinkler and sled (25.50 model)
  • Connection hose and wuto shutdown valve
  • Completely operator friendly, set it up and let it do it’s job, it will shut down automatically when finished!

Prices start from £1,295.00 + VAT