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Arena and Paddock Harrows

Grass Harrows

Trailed harrows are available in widths of 4’0 up to a maximum of 8’0 with a depth of 5’0. The harrows can be supplied either with drawbars or sections only.

Reasons for harrowing include;

  • Pasture renovation; breaking up and levelling heavy soil
  • Root aeration; for better water infiltration and growth
  • Works in fertiliser to both spread and maximise effectiveness
  • Surface levelling in equestrian centres, race tracks and gallops
  • Stimulates growth by aerating and loosening thatch
  • Environmentally friendly grass care
  • Excellent for ripping out moss, spreading manure and levelling mole holes

Prices start from £302.00 + VAT and delivery (1.2m trailed)